... What was once my first Pixie, and later an Allure, then finally an Aero...  My main, Ceridwen... is dead. 

It could take months for me to transform the Higante back into Ceridwen, so my plan to power-level her for the first time since Halloween is now dead in the water. I'm also pissed off at having used an Orb of Defense on it too. 

BUT there may be a way. I have several Pixie orbs. I have one Tiger orb if necessary too. I will need two sacrificials, and one purchased probability orb. I must train this ridiculous rockbeast as far as it will go, then recombine it with another random sacrifice using the Pixie orb to return it to Pixie state... THEN train up a Tiger primary sufficiently high to combine with the Pixie and bring back my Ceridwen.  Naturally, I'll have to ensure the probability of THAT little transaction is as close to 100% as I can get it. I will not risk this happening again.

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