I was surprised when I got to Class A-1 and found out that it was the highest rank. From what I recalled from playing Monster Rancher 2, there had been a Class S after Class A. When the new content finally added Class S, I wasn't surprised: "Ah, there it is." It has taken me a while to get to the S Class, and even longer to reach S-1. But now that I've made it this far, I'm kinda disappointed with Class S. It almost seems as if Class S was given to a programmer completely new to the project, without any guidance, and told to rush the job. As I have slowly updated the Class S battles section of the wikia, I noticed a few issues. The first is that S Class doesn't seem to follow any theme. For example, all of the battles in Class A were named after celestial bodies - planets, stars, constellations, moons, etc. Battles in Class B are all named after gemstones. I've googled a few of the S class names, but I just don't see a theme... not over the whole class, and not within the subclasses. If that wasn't enough, I had to double check the names of the Specials and the prize for the Thursday Special battle in S class. For all of the other classes, the Thursday Special prize is a present to give to a neighbor's monster. But for S class, the Thursday Special prize is an Orb of Durahan. What? Plus for all the other classes, the specials have a specific naming scheme: Tuesday is a Carnival, Wednesday is a Festival, Thursday is a Challenge, Friday is a Trial, Saturday is a Special, and Sunday is a Grand Prix. In Class S, that goes right out the door. There isn't even new naming scheme to hold over between the subclasses in S. It seems all random, with several being name with "Cup" or "Open." And my final complaint with Class S is that they were not even consistent on whether they capitalized "cup." A few duels in S-1 are listed as "cup" and a few are listed as "Cup."

I just think the whole Class S is a mess. I hope the rest of the new content is better.

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