Is it bad that I am dreading the next event? I like that we get cool backgrounds, rare disks, and neat items and it is fun to work on something different with a little more competition. But it seems like we had events going on back-to-back for over 3 months. I had pretty much stopped working on my missions, except for collecting login tickets. Now that we've had a nice break from events, I have 2 monsters working on Goat Coast, and 1 monster working on reaching class A. So I have 2 mission completions in sight finally, but another event will halt the progress. At least for the Goat Coast mission. There is just no way to send monsters for 6 hours at a time and still expect to participate in an event. At least that's true for me, because I don't have my own smartphone. I play on my husband's phone whenever I get a chance. In a 24 hour period, I usually only get to send my monsters 2 times on a Goat Coast adventure. I'm averaging 8% completion for the fourth area per day, as long as there isn't an event going on.

Who wants to guess what the next event will be? February is next week, so I'm going to guess that love is in the air. Think we'll see a Valentine's event?  

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