Sorry I didn't blog a report yesterday about when I had finished work. I was actually working on the final breed of the Color Pandora family when suddenly the Wikia site went white. The host servers seemed to be working, but no data could be retrieved. I checked with others to make sure it wasn't just me.

I'll finish Color Pandora today, and hopefully Baku as well. After that Pancho will be the only major obsticle between me and getting all the Family pages created and data entered.

I'm currently stuck on my lesser computer.. so I can't work on it right now. However, I will begin on it as soon as I'm able to get to my main computer.

On another note, all the Adoption requests before mine have been addressed. ^^ Hopefully that means we'll have an Admin/Beuro tonight or tomorrow =)

~Isfan ♥

Isfan (talk) 21:25, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

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