So I'm looking at everything Admins can do and things that can be controlled, and there are lots and lots of pages and instructions and I'm not sure I'm navigating it all correctly.

As I've spent over a day now just fumbling around with it, I realized I am moving at the exact same slow pace that I was doing back when I first started the Monster Entries. I'm looking around trying to get a feel for everything, but since I dont initially know what I'm doing or what I can do or what I want to do, it's all very slow. I'm just assimulating it as quickly as I can and will need time before I understand or can follow it all.

The result? The Monster Entires aren't getting done.

So for now, while I'll dabble here or there with Admin, I wont sit around researching it until I get a headache without doing much work anymore. Instead, I'll be focusing on finishing up the Monster Entries first. I do have a list now of chances I want ot make to every entry, but that will take time. Also, I may want to make revisions to that revisions list after I learn more about the advanced aspects of Wikia. So whether I make those changes right after I finish the entries, or if I go about learning the things I'm just getting introduced first instead, I'll determine that after the entries are done. But I'm only about 10% from being finished, and I want that part to be done.

So off to the Monster Entries to finish the initial setup, here I come~

~Isfan ♥

Isfan (talk) 14:20, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

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