So I've been doing more research.. and ran across some interesting information

My Monster Rancher was first released in Japan. We have the "International" (English) version, which isn't as advanced as the Japanese one it seems.

The only information I can find is in a page completely in Japanese. I'm using Auto-translate to sort through it.

The Japanese version has 2 more Families than us, they also have all families released. The three missing families, in order, are Abyss, Xenon (Zeno), and Gali. We already knew about Gali.

They also go up to S-Rank, like in the games. In teh S-Ranked tournaments you can get tickets to Shidira Rama City.. the final area that needs a ticket, without paying 10k to buy it at the store. Limited to A-Class, we can only get up to Grabad Facotry Tickets for free without paying for them or doing an adventure in the previous area.

I'll be comparing information on the Japanese wiki to information we already have. If enough of it matches, I'll be confidence enough in it to take information from it to add to our Wikia.

What a day...

♥ Isfan

Isfan (talk) 19:03, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

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