That's right! MMR has expanded the Monster Wiki yet again! The limit has been raised from 273 to 275. Upon quick inspection, it was discovered that Seuzo and Golem have had a rare breed added to their section. One of these rare breeds has already been encountered in Area #4 of the Martial Arts Hall adventure event. Eyengel (may or may not be actual name) has been added with some Trivia. Hopefully during this event Eyengel (?) and the new Golem will be obtainable.

The server update happend at approximately 4:40PM EDT (1:40PM PDT). Monsters already out on Boss Battle adventures (any even-numbered adventure is Boss for MAH) got to encounter the new bosses with 0 stats in battle, though the pre-battle screen showed different numbers (1372 for Eyengel on Area 4). In a couple hours we'll be able to verify if Boss-Battle adventures started after the server update will have actual stats o nthem in battle or not.

Max is really excited about the prospect of a new Golem Rare breed being out there. Next to Durahan, Golem is his second favorite Family to train.

I'll be sure to keep the Wiki updated with the details of these two breeds, including where to see them and how to obtain them, as details become known.

♥ Isfan

Isfan (talk) 23:07, October 10, 2012 (UTC)

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