As some of you may know, in January I went to Japan for what was expected to be just 3 months in order to perform my Masters Thesis in Electrical Engineering.  Since then, my stay has been extended, but quite a bit.  After I get back to the States, I do not expect to have much time/energy to get back up to speed with MMR like I was in the past.  

This game has been great.  I can't thanks everyone in Team MMR enough for everything.  You guys are the best.  Together we managed to crack almost all the mysteries of the game.  I'm sure given a little bit more time together, we would have figured out everything together, including the secrets of breeding!  Knowing the formulas for how to determine the stats of offspring would be the first step to figuring out how best to optimize those equations. Alas, I leave this mystery to the next generation.

Everyone has been absolutely wonderful.  I enjoyed every minute with you guys.  We had great times and did great things.  And I wish you all the best in your endevours, both in-game and out.

I leave you now in good hands.  If I can figure out how to do it, I'll make DC (DowntoChill) the next local admin for the Wikia.

Love you all!


~ It stands for absolutely nothing

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