So anyway, I had a very lucky day today.

Day 1 First Place

First of all, I successfully traded off one of my Lessie Orca's for a Mewbear. I love those things! I hope lordshadowzero decides to leave his in the freezer for a bit so I can get more of them. =3 I just got a large stock of Gadgeter G disks today so I can use those up for more.

Secondly, I got a Cat-O'-Lantern. There's a good chance that people had it before me on disk. But the only person I know who maybe had the disk before me was Eunuchorn, and he had used up all 10 of his daily generations so he couldn't summon it. I got mine generated, and it's not retired in my freezer. Possibly the first Cat-O'-Lantern on the server.. but I have huge doubts about htat.

What really came out lucky though was my ranking today. I got really lucky and got a lot more Pumpkin Heads and Witchs Hats than anyone else. My score apparantly is really high compared to everyone else's. Screenshot is on the right.

Was it all just luck? I think so.. I mean I dont see why I would have so many more points than others when I only used up 9 of my 10 generations for the day. and I only had 5 or 6 generations used up by the time that the Rankings were released.. How could I have so many more points than my dear friends when we all are limited to 10 a day, especially when they used theirs all up before the rankings came out and I hadn't?

Oh well, I'm just looking forward to having the 7th background. Time will tell if I'm really just lucky or if I'm doing something right.

I'm visiting with my mother tomorrow so I need to get my rest. ^^ And I've been focusing on the game all day so I haven't been able to finish up the last entries of the Wiki, sorry all. The exact opposite happened between the Devil's Island and Martial Arts events: I spent so much attention to the WIki I neglected my own farm for a few days.

Off to watch Community and then go to bed. =D Night all~

~Isfan ♥

Isfan (talk) 03:35, October 27, 2012 (UTC)

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