I'll be starting a new project (with an accomplice) once the current event (Martial Arts Hall) is done on the 21st. It's an experiment to attempt to explore and abuse the breeding system. The basic idea is that it is possible to raise monsters age without raising their stats. It's also known that generic monsters (non-rare) generate form Mystery Disks at Lv1 with 650 total Initial Attributes (sometimes off by 1, two breeds are off by 2 but do not have disks available for them). We also know that breeding with a Neighbor's monster has a lesser effect than combining with one of your own. When combining with a neighbor's monster, it doesn't matter what the neighbor's monster's age is, only your own. If you combine two monsters of identical stats, you'll get a monster with less stats than the parents had. The outcome receives even fewer stats if the secondary monster belonged to a neighbor.

An accomplice and I will be performing this project. It will go on in tandem with our other project to obtain Lv30 Rare Monsters (We're collaborating our methods and details we discover together; part of the reason I plan to derive the Breeding Combination Outcome's Stats formula). We'll be creating the strongest Rare Monsters, and the weakest monsters. The current strongest Rare monster known to us is a Lv26 Beretta.

Here's our (my) idea: We'll both generate a Lv1 monster. Then, using "Open" battles (can be fought at anytime without waiting), we constantly put them up against monsters until we find one of these battles that they lose against. We will not do any training. We will not do any adventures. We'll just be sending them off to battles to get them to age another week, over and over. It'll take awhile per monster, and be rather boring, but I guess I can't really talk (after all, I am setting up over 250 pages on this Wiki more or less from scratch). Whenever we get our monster aged to Adult-hood, we then get the other to freeze theirs so we can perform a neighbor combination. The resulting monster should have stats even lower than the base 650. By repeating this process over and over, we can drive the stats of our monsters down further and further. It'll be interesting to see how far down we can get our monsters to become. Maybe even discover clues about the breeding system, or find a way to break the game that they didn't expect. =P Anything is possible.

Anyway, almost done with Ripper section, then I'll do the Joker section and the Beretta link I made in this post wont be broken anymore.

♥ Isfan

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