Someone put a lot of information into the entry for Plant. It's all well-and-good, but much of it doesn't fit into the format of the current Run-through.

I dont want to lose all this information, so instead I'm adding it to a blog post, so that the information can be retrieved later and added back in where applicable.


"This is the pure breed of Plant monster. Though kind by nature, it is shy, hiding its face when people approach"

General info here!

  • Favorite food: Dairy
  • Least favorite food: Veggies
  • How to obtain:
    • Mystery disk
    • Profile Generation


Starting Stats Training Confidence
Pow 70 2 stars
Int 160 5 stars
Skl 90 2 stars
Spd 95 2 stars
Def 85 2 stars
Life 160 5 stars

Life Cycle

The following should be considered an estimation to assist with training.

  • Infancy: X months
  • Adolescence: X months
  • Adult: 1 years, 3 months
  • Middle age: 2 years, 10 months
  • Senior: X months


The Plant family have a very well-rounded skillset, being able to learn a technique in each category. However, their real specialty lies in being able to lower the stats of other monsters, utilizing techniques such as Magic Herb or Pollen in order to bring down stats that are not their forte.

Technique Name Acquired By Properties
Pollen Gained at start Lower Enemy Speed 20%
Shower of Blossoms Gained at start Raise Skill 40%
Seed Gun Level 3 Raise Intelligence 20%
Drain Lower Enemy Life 100
Magic Herb Tagi Jungle Boss Battle Lower Enemy Power 250
Photosynthesis Tagi Jungle Exploration Increase Life by 30%


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