• 16/28 (57%) Families done: (+2 // +7%)
  • 157/241 (65%) Breeds done: (+15 // +6%)

I promised myself I wouldn't do this.. but my phone can't charge as quickly as it drains the battery when the game is playing (I know.. I need to fix that.) Also, I have a new source of info and want to go edit the posts of some rare breeds and some breeds that aren't available in the shop/off profile generation. I also want to get rid of all the block quotes, so that that wont be a concern anymore. So, basically, I've concluded that I will backtrack to all the earlier entries and update them. I promised I wouldn't until I finished the initial pass, but I really need to do this. I can't get info from my phone atm, plus i really need to use ti for txting. These edits and updates are things I can do without using my phone, and they are things that will put my mind at ease.

I'll start keeping a new progress log.. but hopefully I can just get all this backtracking done in a single night and wont need it. But if I stop before the backtracking is completed, I'll be sure to log it.

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