I found an older Wiki out there. It hasn't been updated in a long, long time. For example, their monster list say that there are 7 unreleased families. There are only 3 now. But the information it has is very good. I plan to assimilate all of it to this Wiki, then keep it current. It also revealed some neat info to me: The number of monsters available has been expanding! The number of Breeds/Rares listed for each monster on their wiki is sometimes smaller than what we have now. Pixie, for example, is listed at 12 breeds, 1 rare. Now we have 14 breeds, 2 rares. It also has great information on adventures, and lists the sources for many of the Rare Breeds. It also has well documented many of the missions. After I finish Hengar's section (I only have Proto Zero to finish up, then doing Ornamengar's) I'll head over and start using their info to update some of the entries I've already completed. I think I'll remove the Blockquote tags while I'm at it. This is officially a distraction. =3

If anyone is interested in the site, it's here:

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