Okay first I have to be honest upfront.. I dont actually know what Redux is. I just assume from the times I've heard it used that it means a re-edit of some sort.

So yea.. I'm going back through all the families again. I'm going to turn the Category pages into Category pages, and make the family pages actual family pages. I already have the family pages made up and added ot the family categories. Now I'm going through all the monsters and changing the Info box links to go to the Pages, not the categories, adding the appropriate categories, and also putting in my own special little touch: a "Back to Family Page" at the top of every Monster Entry, just like at the top of every Monster Family. Why did I not think of this earlier?

I'm through the first 3 families. I'll finish up at least a dozen more tomorrow, if not all of them. They take about a minute each, so at 244 total.. that's... a lot.Like 4 hours worth of editting.

Anyway, I finished the event most likely in 5th. I tanked my score at the end because I lost a bunch of Sengoku Helms by focusing efforts on getting to 300 Origami Helmets. I fell short of that, too. =P I'm tired and need to rest, and am quite proud of the work that's happening.

Once I get all the pages migrated off of the Category links and onto the new pages, I'll switch the Navigation to link to the new pages, not the Category pages, then I'll start doing whatever it is I come up with and/or had in mind for the Category Pages... We'll see once we get there. I'm figuring out a lot of this as I go. Once I see what the Category pages look like with lots of categories in them I'll have a better idea of what to do with them.

1AM, I wanna watch.. King of the Hill tonight. I know I just saw it last night and the night before but I love that show and haven't seen it in so long and compared to all the other animated family sitcom cartoons I've been watching it's the one that hasn't been seen to death already. :)

Oh, and Donna helped me make a great discovery concerning one particularly specific level of Techniques. Unforunatley I think it's going to be something that ends up getting added to every monster's entry page... which is going to be a lot more work. But it seems that while not much, every monster may have its own variety of technique twist. More details as research isolates patterns.

I love you all so much. ♥ I really do!

~ Isfan ♥

Isfan (talk) 06:08, November 12, 2012 (UTC)

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