• 21/28 (75%) Families done: (+2 // +7%)
  • 193/241 (80%) Breeds done: (+16 // +7%)

Ogyo and Piroro sections have been complete. Because two of the unknown breeds on Page 4 of the ingame Monster Wiki, this means only Falco remains on Page 4. I am now officially over the 80% mark for progress, and should be done in the near future.

To be honest, I'm not sure why I'm breaking here. I guess I just have grown accustomed to taking a breather after 2 families. I'll probably be back tonight to do Falco, and maybe Color Pandora. Falco will complete Page 4, and Color Pandora will be a good lead-in for Page 5. After Color Pandora, only five families will remain.

I forsee this being done in just 3 more parts. Falco (5) and Color Pandora (9) I'll do next. After that, the next two familiies are also the two largest remaining after that, with Baku (8) followed by Pancho (11). Then the last three families will be quick to do. They start with Phoenix (3), Centaur (6), and end with Monol (6). That breaks up the work into 14, 19, and 15 entries each. Of course, Rares and Pure Breeds take more work than Cross-breeds, and I also need to spend time on each Family page. So give each family +1 for the page, +1 for having a generic, and +1 for each rare. Weighted, that makes Falco (8), Color Pandora (12), Baku (12), Pancho (14), Phoenix (6), Centaur (9), and Monol (9). So with those most basic of weights added (probably should be more than +1.. I can do a generic crossbreed in about 2 minutes) that brings the three remaining sessions to... 20, 26, 24. Still a very clean distribution of work.

This should all be done by the end of Tomorrow. At that point, I'll start encouraging people to visit and add the information they have on the specific breeds they are raising.

NOTE: This division of work assumes full edit sessions. If I do a short edit (meaning just one family or something) it may take a bit longer. =P

♥ Isfan

Idea for Improvement: Add "Back to Family Page" link at the top of every breed's page, to make navigation simplified. Just like the Family Pages link back to the global family page.

Isfan (talk) 20:17, October 11, 2012 (UTC)

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