So I'm heading off for Thanksgiving tonight until Saturday ro SUnday. In that time I wont have access to my computer, any of its tools, or the resources I use to keep this Wiki up to date.

I did, however, manage to add all the Abyss Family breeds, the Abyss-Subbreeds, and all the Gali-Subbreeds to the Wikia before I had to lave. I got super lucky today and managed to combine both Dandelion and Golden Piroro using only 4 generations. (1 Failed Dandelion attempt, came out Flazer. Used old Flazer and got Dandelion. Generated a new Piroro, got Golden Piroro.) These were the last two I needed in my Monster Wiki in order to get all the new monsters onto the Wikia.

My Monster Wiki shows 260 registered. Barring the discovery of the Rare Abyss, this is all the monsters available to us. Shoudl the Rare Abyss appear, then a complete Monster Wiki ingame should have 261/279 breeds registered.

Take care everyone! I'll be back soon!

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