So I think I'll get done Plant and Hengar right now. Later today I may come back and finish up the 3rd page of the ingame Monster Wiki, but we'll see.

Anyway, quick report. I've decided I'm going to test out removing the Block Quote and see how it looks on the entries, and if it allows for edits without new lines automatically appearing. I figure I have 99 entries left, so going back and making edits would take awhile. But this one is a serious issue to me. So if I make a change now and like it, I'll have a log here of when I started. Then after I complete the final Monol entry, I can go back and make the change to the rest of the entries, saving myself 99 posts of work.

In other news, right now all my monsters are out on adventures, so I can't swap any out with ones in the Freezer. Luckily I have no plants (I've actually never generated or raised any plants at all), and the only Hengar I have is a Proto Zero. Proto Zero is one of the last two Rares for Hengar (there are only two, I dont remember which comes first, PZ or Ornamengar), and the first monster to end its adventur will do so in 65 minutes. Hopefully by the time I get to the end of Hengar the adventure will be over.. but not too long after that. I'm looking to get 15 more entries done.. or about 6%. Well enough stalling, I already have the Plant images upload. Time to get to work!

Edit: A simple Indent looks basically identical to the Blockquote.

And! It doesn't add extra line returns upon editing! I'm tempted to go back right now and replace all the blockquotes with indents. >.> But I'll finish Plant and Hengar first.. make process towards the end goal. After that I'll reevaluate if I want to go back and change blockquotes to indents on all the previous entries then.

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