The event is OVER! FINISHED!!!

I completed the last Monster Entry, Akashic. All 244 are now done!

I have Drilleron V. My collection of Rares is complete again!


I finished Akashic. That's all the Monster Entries. I plan to go back now and change lots of things, mostly just to incorporate categories, but there's also a few things on the Monster Pages themselves I'd like to fix up. It's only a few thousand edits to a few hundred pages... (Dear lord what am I thinking?)

In more important and exciting news, some of the more active players (and I guess we're some of the top players in the game, too) have started using Line to communicate normally without having to go through Mobage walls and profiles with limited characters and slow load times and pain. Initially we used KIK, but it was a battery hog and limited group chats to just 10 people. We switched to Line which has more features, but is bulkier and a bit harder to get used to or sort through, mostly because our group got up to a size of 11 people and Line lets us put up to 20 in a room. We lost one who was shy to stay back on KIK, but picked up Loy's brother, the other Loy, on Line.

I mentioned several posts ago there would be some things I just wouldn't be able to research without a team helping me. These guys might be that team, meaning this game's mysteries may soon all be solved.

We're getting info so quickly I dont think I can even record it all. I'm just internalizing it for when I can get around to making all the pages and everything.

And what are we all doing first? Techniques.


That's right. We're talking about Techniques, scrolls, everything. We're decoding the whole system and I'll be compiling everything to put up on the Wikia right here for everyone to read. What techniques can your monster learn? What do they give? Where can you go to learn them? We're almost done with our initial research, and we'll be sharing it all shortly after it's done. =) The job should be started within the week, if not all the initial info posted within the week. There is so much more time now to work on the Wiki now that events are FINALLY over! 17 days straight of events! Madness!

Oh, one last thing to mention. My flash player was having trouble running games without lagging, so I disabled Adblock Plus to see if that fixed the problem. It didn't, but I forgot to turn it back on. When I visited the MMR Wiki Homepage, the ad that is usually blocked was there which made our logo image all weird. I've changed the layout of the homepage to accommodate both with and without the ad without looking too... wonky.

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