Here's the details on the event I have so far. This is just copy-pasted from an email I sent.

Lottery info:
Area #1: Completion rate 10%
7th prize: 2x Splendid Maples
6th prize: Mocchi Chocolate
5th prize: Mock Chocolate
4th prize: Cornucopia
3rd prize: Green Scroll of Secrets
2nd prize: Blue Scroll of Secrets
1st prize: Disk of White Mocchi
Grand Prize: Disk of Mewbyss (Abyss/Mew)
Details on Abyss:
7 Breeds, 1 Rare.
Abyss/Xenon or Abyss/Gali (assuming it's one of these that was excluded from our game)
+1 Rare.
Abyss subbreeds:
Mew/Abyss is Mewbat. It was visible in Shidira Rama adventure, so it's got images in game.
The other 4 are missing images. I have them on my ranch, you should go pet them. =)

Broken Monsters

All 4 Broken Image monsters on Ranch

I'll be creating pages as things go on.

  • Abyss/Mew : Mewbyss
  • Abyss/Abyss: Abyss
  • Abyss/Falco: Shadow Mage


  • Mew/Abyss : Mewbat
  • Ducken/Abyss : Duckis
  • Lesione/Abyss : Ablessie
  • Falco/Abyss : Naguako
  • Centaur/Abyss : Bastet
  • Tiger/Abyss : Flazer

I half expect the names of the 4 with missing images to change when they get images. Those are direct translations of the Japanese names.. and if Guruzado V didn't get to keep his name, I dont see why they would leave Falco/Abyss as Naguako or Centaur/Abyss as Bastet.

~ Isfan ♥

UPDATE: In the time it took me to write this blog post, the server was updated and the four monsters above were given images. Their names stayed the same however. =)

Isfan (talk) 16:03, November 16, 2012 (UTC)

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