Today my goal is to get done at least one or two more families. Ripper is one of the longer ones left with 9 breeds. There are only 3 more families after it that have as many. After that Joker just has 4, so I dont see any reason why I wouldn't be able to complete both. However, I'm not feeing 100% today, so I may call it quits after Ripper depending on how I am feeling.

If I can complete the Joker family, I'll officially be done with 3 full pages from the ingame wiki. The last three pages have: two undiscovered families, one undiscovered families, and only a single family, respectively. These pages also contain the smaller families on average. It really will be a downhill job from here, and I'm so glad I started looking not just in terms of number of families done but also in terms of how many breeds were completed.. using the second ratio really helped keep me encouraged as I passed the second page in teh wiki. Going off number of families, I was only about 40% done there.. not even halfway after all my hard work! But when looking at number of species, it was over 50%. That really gave me a good moral boost to power on.

Anyway, I'm uploading Ripper's family photos, and weill begin work on that section now

♥ Isfan

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