I got through all the entries and put in the training confidences from the JW. All the way back up to Falco. I also put in the Lv3/4, Lv7 and Lv12 skills. Some of these don't have names yet. If I didn't have the US Name, I put the Japanese translated name in Italics and followed it with a (?). If you have raised the appropriate monster and recognize the effect, please add in the proper name. =)

Also, JW was missing a few TCs for monsters available in the US version. I was able to record some, but here's the ones I still need:

  • MikMew
  • Mochi Garu
  • Shidao
  • Kapitano
  • Onemengar (may get from Max)

I'm also taking notes of what changes I wish to make to the Monster Section. But as I've only just completed a backtrack (which took longer than it should have due to IRL reasons) I do not wish to perform them right now. Also, I want to get the last 6 families done. It's been too long since I made progress on that. I want to have every page done on the Monster Section so I can feel confident enough about the Wikia to start inviting some people to come visit. I need to work on every section before I'll start blabbing it everywhere.. if I invite people and they see how poorly done sections like adventure and items and techniques are done.. Well, I dont want them thinking that's my work and that I'm incompitant. x3 Even if I dont complete every page and every section, I at least need to work on them all and make them nicer and have a solid format that people can follow and provide towards easily.

I've started to ask some low level people in game who add me on Mobage if they are willing to record Breeder EXP per rank and unlocks per rank. I'll also try to ask some if they'll record the Missions and Rewards as well. It's hard to find people active enough in game to take note of this stuff before stumbling across something like a Wikia, so I'm trying to make progressive steps towards it.

Well I gotta finish at least one family tonight. If I'm good, or lucky, or whatever, maybe I can finish them all. (Probably not.. but I'll get done as much as I can!)

~Isfan ♥

Isfan (talk) 23:55, October 18, 2012 (UTC)

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