Well I'm back, ready to start on Beaclon when I came across something to raise suspicion and concern for me.

The only Beaclon I have is a Tanklon 2. I got it right after the end of the event when Eunuchorn froze their Tanklon 2 and by some miracle I got it first try on a longshot combination with my spare Kasumi. I immediately froze it, so it's 0yr 0mth 0wk old, and is still Lv11, same as I generated it at.

Tanklon 2 is my only Beaclon, and it's only Lv11. I haven't raised it any so the only skills it should have are level based. According to my understanding, the levels that skills were adopted per family were 4/7/12. But Tanklon 2 has already has three skills at Lv11. One of them may have been adopted from the parent Tanklon 2 (Spin Bang looks interesting), but now I need to do some research on the levels that Monster Families adopt each skill. I rarely generate from disks, mostly I use Neighbor combination. As such, almost all my monsters I ever raise start at the Lv12-16 range. When hunting a specific rare, I can sometimes drop a little bit lower (like Lv11 in this case).

If needed, I may have to go back to each family page and add in a marker saying that not only the order of the skills, but the level that each skill is adopted, needs to be verified.

I can't let this distract me right now. It is a concern and I'll return to it later, the most important thing to do is to finish all the pages first. Then I can deal with this. I'm just making a note of it here so I remember to come back to it.

Other idea suggested to me: Use different backgrounds for the screenshots of rares. I changed my backgorund back to the defaults before taking pictures of everything, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to get the Rares with another background (Forest maybe?); I could even make a distiction between the Rares (750 total Initial Attributes) and the Special Rares (850 total Initial Attributes) by making the Special Rares have a better background yet (Devil Island).

Another idea posed to me was to take each monster's Wiki entry picture with the background best associated to it. So White Mocchi would have the Forest background, while Chaos Ripper and Tanklon 2 would have the Devil Island. Would take a bit of research, as I did have a Hiatus so my own experience with MMR Event histories has a small hole in it.

Anyway, concerns about the levels of Family skills... I should just take Tanklon 2 out and raise it to Lv12, that'd be a good indicator if this Spin Bang (first itme I saw a skill that involved monster level, rather neat) is actually part of the Family, or inheritted by the parent for the Breed.

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