So while working on the Wikia from my other computer, I noticed something I had noticed before but dismissed.. My main computer was making the Wikia site entirely bold! I noticed it while I was trying to make text bold and it looked the same, but I ultimately dismissed it as I figured it was just something this website was doing. But then while I was working on the other computer, I noticed that some of the alignments were off, and I noticed that things were not bold and I was able to make things look bold. Also the pages with the misalligned layout had a Monster Description where the last line was either a single word, or really close to the right edge. It was then I ralized.. it was just my other computer that was making everything bold! After much search, I finally found the fix: I had to reinstall Arial font (didn't even require a download.. seems the font installer is kept right there in Windows 7. Silly thing doesn't even let us access the Fonts folder though.) After reinstalling Arial my standard fonts were all back! Of course.. now everything looks weird to me not being bold anymore... How long was I using this computer with everything made bold? I shudder to think.

Anyway, everything is fixed now and I can see the pages as everyone else can see them. Except, of course, those who have corrupted fonts from uninstalling a program while using Windows 7. Rather funny how that works..

Back to the grind!

Note: Additional idea for Layout adjustment: Make the Monster Descriptions bold?

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