So two people were able to get the new rare, Drilleron V. Drilleron is the official name for Guruzado. I really prefer Guruzado's name, so I nicknamed mine Guruzado V.

To obtain it a player had to obtain 300 Origami Hats. I'm going to fall just short of that, and I'm in about 3rd place. Though depending how others do I could end up in 5th.

The first one to get the disk is first place, Maxsterling86. He hasn't generated it yet though.

Second place got late yesterday. Herm19. He actually did generate and freeze it, but now it is out on his ranch. While it was frozen some people managed to get it (Stefano168 at least), and it has been spreading since then.

I'm not sure what to make of the Rares added in from this event.. Mewtaro seems to have a more common combining chance than even generics. I set my MailRipper up with one and the odds were 55% Mewtaro, 45% Mailripper. That's with MailRipper as primary, meaning the 2ndary should have it's probability at 1/3rd the normal influence it would have as the Primary.

Then Drilleron V starts off with 850 stats, which implies that he would be on the tier of the Special Rares. However, I used Bluzzard to combine with it and the odds were 68% Drilleron V, 32% Bluzzard. If they were the same rarity in combining, it should have been 75% Bluzzard, 25% Drilleron V.

There is also a chance that these displayed probabilities are just graphical errors. I set MailRipper up with Mewtaro twice, once with a 10% weight, and both times it returned MailRipper.

As for Drilleron, I had two Bluzzards. The first one returned Bluzzard, the second one I weighted with a 10% stardust orb and got back Drilleron V.

It's not enough samples to conclude anything.. I could have just been unlucky.. Or the odds of combination and the displayed odds of combination may not be matching up.

Anyway, in other news the event is ending soon. And though they haven't announced any, there will be prizes for the top players. We just don't know what they are.

As you can see at the bottom of the announcement for the event, the prizes will be distributed to the top players. The background and Mewtaro were earned from missions, so we don't know what the prizes will be, nor what rank you have to be to get them. Just that they only list the top 100 players at a time. So chances are at least the Top 100 get something this time. There may even be better prizes for even higher tiers of the top ranked players.

We'll find out all this in two days on the 13th. =3 For now I'm gonna make the Drilleron V page.

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