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    April 17, 2013 by Isfan

    As some of you may know, in January I went to Japan for what was expected to be just 3 months in order to perform my Masters Thesis in Electrical Engineering.  Since then, my stay has been extended, but quite a bit.  After I get back to the States, I do not expect to have much time/energy to get back up to speed with MMR like I was in the past.  

    This game has been great.  I can't thanks everyone in Team MMR enough for everything.  You guys are the best.  Together we managed to crack almost all the mysteries of the game.  I'm sure given a little bit more time together, we would have figured out everything together, including the secrets of breeding!  Knowing the formulas for how to determine the stats of offspring would be the first step to…

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    Expect New Things

    December 6, 2012 by Isfan

    Team MMR has been so good to me.

    With just a few requests, people are willing to contribute what they can and everything is collected so much faster.  We went from having derived data on about 8 of the 40 rares to all but 3.  And we've still got a little bit of time to get those last 3.

    So here is the new Data I've been collecting that's almost done.  Expect to see lots of it appearing on the Wiki soon:

    • ALL Gift items favorite families have been accounted for, including premiums
    • Techniques are almost 100% recorded.  Just a few gaps to go.
    • Derived Techs (including Rares) are almost all found.
    • Technique Locations are mostly good to go.
    • Standard Favorite Foods and lifespans
    • Tournament Prizes per day-of-the-week and Class
    • Combination charts
    • Monster Leve…
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    Gone til Weekend

    November 21, 2012 by Isfan

    So I'm heading off for Thanksgiving tonight until Saturday ro SUnday. In that time I wont have access to my computer, any of its tools, or the resources I use to keep this Wiki up to date.

    I did, however, manage to add all the Abyss Family breeds, the Abyss-Subbreeds, and all the Gali-Subbreeds to the Wikia before I had to lave. I got super lucky today and managed to combine both Dandelion and Golden Piroro using only 4 generations. (1 Failed Dandelion attempt, came out Flazer. Used old Flazer and got Dandelion. Generated a new Piroro, got Golden Piroro.) These were the last two I needed in my Monster Wiki in order to get all the new monsters onto the Wikia.

    My Monster Wiki shows 260 registered. Barring the discovery of the Rare Abyss…

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  • Isfan

    So 100 Maple Leaves will get you the new background... Kinda...

    I'm not sure this is right. Should we have taken a left at the river bend?

    I think we pretty much got lost on our way to the new Ranch.

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    Event Details so far

    November 16, 2012 by Isfan

    Here's the details on the event I have so far. This is just copy-pasted from an email I sent.

    Lottery info:
    Area #1: Completion rate 10%
    7th prize: 2x Splendid Maples
    6th prize: Mocchi Chocolate
    5th prize: Mock Chocolate
    4th prize: Cornucopia
    3rd prize: Green Scroll of Secrets
    2nd prize: Blue Scroll of Secrets
    1st prize: Disk of White Mocchi
    Grand Prize: Disk of Mewbyss (Abyss/Mew)
    Details on Abyss:
    7 Breeds, 1 Rare.
    Abyss/Xenon or Abyss/Gali (assuming it's one of these that was excluded from our game)
    +1 Rare.
    Abyss subbreeds:
    Mew/Abyss is Mewbat. It was visible in Shidira Rama adventure, so it's got images in game.
    The other 4…

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