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  • Flyingmonkychild

    training tips

    December 23, 2012 by Flyingmonkychild

    Try to use the energy as soon as it is accessible. By allowing a full energy bar to sit you run the risk of surpassing the needed amount of training to reach the next level and missing out on gaining more with the passing time.

    One training goal is to raise level. When the next level is far away in number, train in highest confidence category. Train in lowest confidence when the next level is close at hand. If "to next level" is under ten, take the chance to train a confident category with the energy while available.

    Leave one or two categories low, focus training till superior in minimum of 4 categories. By focusing on only two categories is unlikely to balance 4 weak categories in battle. If "to next level" is under ten, take the chance …

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  • Flyingmonkychild

    breeding into rare

    September 7, 2012 by Flyingmonkychild

    Lately Ive been finding that breeding into a rare isn't as hard as I imagined. For example, I've taken a ...Baku... and set a breeding session with a neighbor with a Dragon. This particular Dragon species was a Chaos Dragon. Even though the percentage for the rare Chaos Dragon was slim, it came out as the result. This has happened for Ragnarok, Vega, Warrior Z, Ornemengar, Proto Zero, and Panda Mew.

    When I had the items to affect the probability, I use them. But I've never been able to influence the results more than 10%. So even with that small influence, I was able to get many rare monsters that I would not know where to get otherwise.

    On a side note, I guess Panda Mew is considered a rare on some sources, but not in game? In game i…

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