Not really into posting blogs but here it goes. 

Its awesome editing the wiki, at first it seemed really hard but everything has become much easier. working together with everyone on here, as well as all the great players on Line messenger App, we are getting Tons of info. this wiki has never seemed so alive. as soon as we finish one thing with the monster pages, we find more info to update on them. seeing how preferred food can change from combo to combo, we have decided to delete that, and put up static information, like favorite Gift. we also started to add "rarity  level" letting people know how hard it is going to be to get it, and links back to the rarity page.

Im also working on a suppliment guide to add to the combining monsters 101 (might change that name) to teach people how to get the rares they want, and get them to the maximum level! its exciting. so many people working on so many side projects. so much to do!!!

also in less wiki important news, I just bought a new loft, and will be moving. yay!

DC ~

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