Well this is odd.  My phone uploaded a good-sized update on Friday, and then locked me out of the game.  No matter what I try I cannot get past the "Downloading..." screen.  I contacted support through the website and got the standard auto-response saying they would have an answer for me within 24 hours.  Naturally I did not expect them to contact over the weekend, but now it is Monday night and still not even a whisper.

So now I find myself wondering if there is something wrong with my phone or if this is a widespread problem, or worse yet, if maybe the game has been cancelled and there has been no notification sent to anyone.  It's all very odd and I am not sure what to think.

The one thing I have not tried is removing and re-installing the game client.  I will be in Japan for the next month and nowadays most online game companies automatically shift any form of client contact to the local servers so if I have to reinstall the client I might wind up with a Japanese client and playing on the Japanese servers.  Not an impossible situation, but far from ideal.

Oh, well.  Life goes on.

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