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Beaclon Family


"This is a breed of Beaclon with Gali DNA. Has a shell like a crustacean and a horn shaped like a trumpet. By playing good music it is especially popular with the elderly."

Orchestron Techniques:

  • Level 4- BeaBang (Power raised by 20%)
  • Level 7- Spin Bang (Power raised by LVL*2%)
  • Level 12- BeaRocket (Speed raised by 40%)
  • Basic One- Horn Attack (Defense raised by 20%)
  • Basic Two- Charge (Life raised by 30%)
  • Special One- Dive Drill (Life raised by 60%)
  • Special Two- Beetle Rush (Skill raised by 50%)
  • Super One- Horn Finisher (Defense raised by 80%)
  • Super Two- Drill Punch (Power raised by 90%)
  • Awakening One- Cyclo BeaBang (Power raised by 60%)
  • Awakening Two- BeaSmash (Power raised by 120%)
  • Ultimate One- Meteor Dive (Life raised by 160%)
  • Ultimate Two- Spiral Drill (Defence raised by 200%)
  • Power- BeaLariat (Power raised by 40%)
  • Intelligence- Beebrate (Intelligence lowered by -150)
  • Skill- Beetle Combo (Skill raised by 20%)
  • Speed- Beetle Dash (Speed raised by 20%)
  • Defense- Horn Drill (Defense raised by 30%)
  • Life- Dive Attack (Life raised by 40%)
  • Derived- Call God (Intelligence raised by 50%)

General Information

  • Favorite food*: Dairy
  • Least favorite food*: Meat

- *Favorite and Least Favorite foods can be different

  • How to obtain:
    • Combination: (Beaclon x Gali)

Initial Attributes

Starting Stats

Training Confidence


133 5 (*****)


90 2 (**)


90 2 (**)


110 2 (**)


117 4 (****)


110 3 (***)


  • Orchestron is one of five Gali-subbreed monsters obtainable by players before the Gali Family was released.
  • Orchestron is the final boss named "Golden Ruler" for the Grabad Factory adventure. It could also be seen as the opponent for Round 14 of the 20 Battles Tournament during the Golden Festival event, again under the name "Golden Ruler".
  • Orchestron was originally available in Monster Rancher EVO as a Rare Breed of Beaclon. It changed to a Gali-subbreed for My Monster Rancher.

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