Occasionally the game does things we don't expect.

Lag Glitch

Since most commands involve updating a monster's status or using the random number generator, all of which are run off the MMR servers, the game requires a constant connection to the internet. In places where the phone's connection is poor, the game will often time out these requests by cancelling them or returning the player to the front page. However, occasionally the game will fail to connect and also fail to cancel the action taken. This can result in (for example) losing energy during training without any stat gain.

Battles Display Glitch


Sometimes the Battle select screen will only display one battle instead of all the battles that should be available at that time. The prize information may be missing as well. It is unknown what causes this glitch (it may be related to a poor connection) but reloading will typically fix this.

Battle Time Glitch

Though very rare, sometimes when entering into tournament battles your monster will register for the wrong timeslot. This can be very annoying when you have to wait 4 hours when the next relevant round was just 2 hours away.

Apple Application Glitches

Glitches to do specifically with Apple Product Applications

Battle Time Glitch

When activating a battle it is best to wait 1 minute before activating the battle button as there is a 1 minute lag between the time clock and the time established by your provided. If you activate the battle during this window your screen will freeze at one of two points.

  • Any time the game freezes, just restart the phone.  
  • Apple users can hold the power button down till it says "slide to power off" then just hold down the "home" button, this Force quits the frozen application. which allows you to restart the game without restarting the phone.

then hold down the home button, this will force quit the game, allowing you to quickly restart the game without needing to restart. then hold down the home button, this will force quit the game, allowing you to quickly restart the game without needing to restart.

Please note that when you restart your monster may still initiate the battle and you may still lose the battle without viewing.

Adventure Time Glitch

When activating an adventure some times the timer will display an amount of time greater than the stated period. This time extension can be as much as 2 minutes. During this glitch if you use a Norm's Flute it will only recover the time stated initially on the adventure. Be careful not to use another flute for only 2 minutes. There is no solution for this glitch.

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