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Main species:



??? (Rare)


Tiger Family


"This is a very rare breed of Tiger."

Flazer  Techniques:

  • Level 4- Thunder Dash (Speed raised by 20%)
  • Level 7- Super Lightning (Intelligence raised by 30%)
  • Level 12- Thunder's Shadow (Speed raised by 40%)
  • Basic One- Bite (Power raised by 20%)
  • Basic Two- Thunder One-Two (Skill raised by 20%)
  • Special One- Howling Roar (Skill lowered by 40%)
  • Special Two- Thunder Assault (Power raised by 60%)
  • Super One- Raijin's Charge (Life raised by 90%)
  • Super Two- Ultra Super Thunderbolt (Intelligence raised by 100%)
  • Awakening One- True Super Lightning (Intelligence raised by 60%)
  • Awakening Two- Thunder Crush (Skill raised by 120%)  
  • Ultimate One- Wind God Wolf Fang (Power raised 160%)
  • Ultimate Two- Thunderbolt Wolf Strike (Speed Raised 200%)
  • Power- Scratch (Power raised by 150)
  • Intelligence- Lightning Stroke (Intelligence raised by 20%)
  • Skill- Combo (Skill raised by 40%)
  • Speed- Step (Speed raised by 30%)
  • Defense- Force (Defense raised by 20%)
  • Life- Charge (Life raised by 50%)
  • Derived- Shimmer Avatar (Speed raised by 60%)

General Information

  • Favorite food*: Meat
  • Least favorite food*: Fruit

- *Favorite and Least Favorite foods can be different

  • How to obtain:
    • Combination: (Tiger x Abyss) *pre November 30th update only

Initial Attributes

Starting Stats

Training Confidence


105 5 (*****)


117 2 (**)


122 3 (***)


140 5 (*****)


83 2 (**)


83 4 (****)


  • As a special Rare breed, Flazer obtains 200 extra Stat points when generated (via either mystery disk or combination). As such,Flazer 's base stat total is 850 rather than 650 and will generate at Lv4 from Mystery Disks rather than at Lv1.
  • Flazer is the only Rare breed in MMR that was a generic breed in previous games.  The regular trend is to take rares from previous games (such as Orchestron or King Tut Duck) and make them generics in MMR.
  • Flazer is the only Rare breed in MMR to have Initial Attributes numbers other than multiples of five.  All other rares only have starting stats that end with a 0 or a 5.
  • Flazer was accidentally released as a Tiger/Abyss combination during the Thanksgiving Event.  This was due in part to the fact that Flazer first appears in Monster Rancher DS as a Tiger/Abyss breed.  At the start of the First Anniversary event, Flazer was fixed to match its Rare form from MF1MP, and was no long obtainable by combining Tiger and Abyss.  After the update, Flazer's starting stats and Training Confidences were also changed.  The original Flazer can be seen Here.

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