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??? (Rare)


Phoenix Family


"This is a very rare breed of Phoenix. It is said that drinking the blood of a Phoenix will earn you immortality, but no one has tried it with this breed so far."

Bluzzard Techniques

  • Level 4- Flame Gun (Intelligence raised by 20%)
  • Level 7- Flame Laser (Skill raised by 30%)
  • Level 12- Fire Typhoon (Speed raised by 50%)
  • Basic One- Fire Line (Life raised by 30%)
  • Basic Two- Fire Bill (Defense raised by 20%)
  • Special One- Phoenix Flying Attack (Defense raised by 70%)
  • Special Two- Fire Wave (Life raised by 60%)
  • Super One- Omega Flame (Intelligence raised by 90%)
  • Super Two- Omega Laser (Skill raised by 90%)
  • Awakening One- Phoenix Powder (Power Suppression -50%)
  • Awakening Two- Flying Wing Flash (Skill raised by 120%)
  • Ultimate One- Scorching Wings (Speed raised by 2500)
  • Ultimate Two- Heaven`s Flame (Intelligence raised by 200%)
  • Power- Talon (Power raised by 20%)
  • Intelligence- Continuous Artillery Fire (Intelligence raised by 40%)
  • Skill- Laser Beam (Skill raised by 30%)
  • Speed- Fire Hurricane (Speed raised by 30%)
  • Defense- Phoenix Attack (Defense raised by 40%)
  • Life- Fire Stream (Life raised by 40%)
  • Derived- Flame Beam (Skill raised by 30%)

General Information

  • Favorite food*: Grains
  • Least favorite food*: Dairy

- *Favorite and Least Favorite foods can be different

  • How to obtain:
    • Event (Adventure): Isle of Reincarnation
      • Mission: Collect 200 Phoenix Feathers (Mystery Disk of Bluzzard)
      • Mission: Clear Layer 15 of Isle of Reincarnation (Mystery Disk of Bluzzard)
    • Bronze Lottery Adventure: Grand Prize (Orb of Bluzzard)
    • 100 Medal Gacha (Mystery Disk of Bluzzard)
    • 300 Mobacoin Monster Gacha (Mystery Disk of Bluzzard

Initial Attributes

Starting Stats

Training Confidence


65 1 (*)


200 5 (*****)


165 5 (*****)


110 4 (****)


160 3 (***)


150 3 (***)


  • As a special Rare breed, Bluzzard obtains 200 extra Stat points when generated (via either mystery disk or combination). As such, Bluzzard's base stat total is 850 rather than 650 and will generate at Lv4 from Mystery Disks rather than at Lv1.

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