Beata: Pure breed.

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Beata Family

  1. Momokuma (x Mocchi)
  2. Liveriz (x Lamour)
  3. Beata
  4. Tanuta (Rare)
  5. Magikuma (Rare)

Beata Family Techniques

  • Level 3/4- Jump Kick (Speed raised by 30%)
  • Level 7- Bare Knuckle (Power raised by 20%)
  • Level 12- Super Thunder Bear (Intelligence raised by 50%)
  • Basic One- Badger (Defense raised by 30%)
  • Basic Two- Focus (Skill raised by 20%)
  • Special One- Hanging Liveriz (Power raised by 60%)
  • Special Two- Dodonga (Life raised by 60%)
  • Super One- Dodongazudon (Life raised by 80%)
  • Super Two- Urs Shock (Power raised by 130%)
  • Awakening One- Meteor Kick (Speed raised by 60%)
  • Awakening Two- KABOOM! (Life raised by 120%)
  • Ultimate One- Whirlwind Beakick (Speed raised by +2500)
  • Ultimate Two - Ultra Huge Badger (Defense raised by 200%)
  • Power- Bare Knuckle (Power raised by 40%)
  • Intelligence- Thunder Bear (Intelligence raised by 30%)
  • Skill- Abandon (Skill raised by 30%)
  • Speed- Lightning Kick (Speed raised by 40%)
  • Defense- Ooanaguma (Defense raised by 40%)
  • Life- Dodon (Life raised by 40%)
  • Derived- Large Bear Thunder (Intelligence raised by 40%)

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