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??? (Rare)


Monol Family


"This is a very rare breed of Monol. It appears to be ancient. In winter animals gather around it, because it's faintly warm to the touch."

Akashic Techniques

  • Level 4- Form Alpha (Defense raised by 20%)
  • Level 7- Double Attack (Power raised by 20%)
  • Level 12- Needle Stabs (Skill raised by 30%)
  • Basic One- Trio Beam X (Intelligence raised by 30%)
  • Basic Two- Flattening (Life raised by 30%) 
  • Special One- Triple Rays (Defense raised by 60%)
  • Special Two- Multi-Stage Attack (Power raised by 60%)
  • Super One- Form Omega (Defense raised by 80%)
  • Super Two- Ω Trio Beam (Intelligence raised by 80%)
  • Awakening One- Triple Beams (Intelligence raised by 60%)
  • Awakening Two- Super Endless Attack (Power raised by 120%)
  • Ultimate One- Mach Stab (Skill raised by Level x 5%)
  • Ultimate Two- Aegis Form (Defense raised by 180%)
  • Power- Triple Attack (Power raised by 30%)
  • Intelligence- Trio Beam Y (Intelligence raised by 40%)
  • Skill- Super Needle Stabs (Skill raised by 40%)
  • Speed- Soundwave (Speed lowered by -20%)
  • Defense- Form Beta (Defense raised by 40%)
  • Life- Flattening-X (Life raised by 40%)
  • Derived- Form Sigma (Defense raised by 40%)

General Information

  • Favorite food*: ?
  • Least favorite food*: ?

- *Favorite and Least Favorite foods can be different

  • How to obtain:
    • Event Adventure- (Possible Reward: Akashic Mystery Disk)

Initial Attributes

Starting Stats

Training Confidence


80 4 (****)


250 5 (*****)


130 4 (****)


10 1 (*)


180 5 (*****)


100 1 (*)


  • As a Rare breed, Akashic obtains 100 extra Stat points when generated (via either mystery disk or combination). As such, Akashic's base stat total is 750 rather than 650 and will generate at Lv3 from Mystery Disks rather than at Lv1.

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